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Ricoh Arena
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Joining the league in 2017, Wasps have secured two titles in only three seasons and boast one the highest win percentage for all games played. Despite a relatively short time in the league, the Coventry outfit have developed a reputation for excellence and have attracted some of the league’s most high-profile players. Winning back-to-back titles in their first two seasons, Wasps will be attempting to pick up a third title in the coming years.

Superleague Titles: 2017 and 2018

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Fixtures Players
Gezelle Allison of Wasps Netball.

Gezelle Allison

Sophia Candappa of Wasps Netball.

Sophia Candappa

Lily-May Catling of Wasps Netball.

Lily-May Catling

Iona Christian of Wasps Netball.

Iona Christian

Rachel Dunn of Wasps Netball.

Rachel Dunn

Player Fallback

Rachel Fee

Becky Gentle of Wasps.

Becky Gentle

Ellie Gibbons of Severn Stars.

Ellie Gibbons

Leah Goss of Wasps Netball.

Leah Goss

Katie Harris of Wasps Netball.

Katie Harris

Josie Huckle of Wasps Netball.

Josie Huckle


Lauren Nicholls


Lucy Parize

Ella Powell-Davies of Wasps Netball.

Ella Powell-Davies

Christina Shaw of Celtic Dragons.

Christina Shaw


Caroline Tarnowski

Megan Thorne of Wasps Netball.

Megan Thorne

Fran Williams of Wasps Netball.

Francesca Williams