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Team Bath are the most successful side in Superleague history winning five Grand Finals. After winning the inaugural title in 2006, they followed it up with another win in 2007. Two more followed in 2008 and 2009 before their latest title in 2013. With world-class facilities at their disposal at the University of Bath, some of the world’s best players have pulled on the Blue and Gold for Bath. Team Bath are the only side in the league to have won every Grand Final they have appeared in.

Superleague Titles: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2013

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Fixtures Players
Imogen Allison of Team Bath Netball.

Imogen Allison

Kim Borger of Team Bath Netball.

Kimberly Borger

Lily-May Catling of Wasps Netball.

Lily-May Catling

Betsy Creak of Team Bath Netball.

Betsy Creak

Sophie Drakeford-Lewis of Team Bath Netball.

Sophie Drakeford-Lewis

Layla Guscoth of Team Bath Netball.

Layla Guscoth

Serena Guthrie of Team Bath Netball.

Serena Guthrie

Kirsty Harris of Team Bath Netball.

Kirsty Harris

Molly Hole

Molly Hole

Team Bath Netball

Lily Jones

Phumza Maweni of Team Bath.

Phumza Maweni

Hannah Passmore of Team Bath Netball.

Hannah Passmore

Tash Pavelin of Team Bath Netball.

Tash Pavelin

Jess Shaw of Team Bath Netball.

Jessica Shaw

Rachel Shaw of Team Bath Netball.

Rachel Shaw