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Severn Stars

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2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022


University of Gloucestershire Arena Worcester Arena
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Playing games in Gloucester and Worcester, Severn Stars were formed in 2017 and joined the league for the 2018 season. Stars finished sixth in both of their full seasons in which they have competed and, as they continue to grow, they will be looking climb up the league. Stars have caught the eye with impressive summer signings and a string of impressive off-field appointments.

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Fixtures Players
Summer Artman of Team Bath Netball.

Summer Artman

Adi Bolakoro of Severn Stars.

Adi Bolakoro

Severn Stars

Chloe Carchrie

Michelle Drayne of London Pulse.

Michelle Drayne

Bethan Dyke of Severn Stars.

Bethan Dyke

Issy Eaton of Severn Stars.

Issy Eaton

Katie Harris of Wasps Netball.

Katie Harris

Lucy Herdman of Severn Stars.

Lucy Herdman

Nicole Humphreys of Surrey Storm.

Nicole Humphrys

Liana Leota of Severn Stars.

Liana Leota

Elisha New of Severn Stars.

Elisha New

Paige Reed of Severn Stars.

Paige Reed

Jane Taylor of Severn Stars.

Jane Taylor

Iman Thomas of Severn Stars.

Iman Thomas

Cathrine Tuivaiti

Cathrine Tuivaiti